Company guidance

Living in Osaka for 60 years… Achieving what the customers want

Shikairow has been in Osaka since we started this company in Namba Shinchi 60 years ago. Rather than simply pursuing profits, our goal has always been to create a business that is loved and is active in the local community.

Therefore we do not wish to describe our company in terms of being “No.1 in the number of locations”, “No.1 in the number of machines”, “No.1 in profts”, etc. Company development for us is to create a space that can provide the most enjoyment and best memories for each customer. With this in mind we have created a variety of new Pachinko spaces; non-smoking shops, pairs seating shops, half price rental shops and café slots. And we will continue to create new shops and services to meet the needs and wants of our customers.

Lastly, I would like to talk about “Human Resource Development”. Indispensible to the creation of these new shops I have mentioned, is grow an excellent staff. To grow an excellent staff means rewarding people that can be trusted and relied upon and this is our management philosophy. People are the greatest asset to the company. For 60 years we have been striving to build the company with the belief that if the employees grow, so to, will the company grow.

“Without employee satisfaction, there can be no customer satisfaction”. But not just by raising their degree of economic satisfaction, such as salary and benefits. We hope for them to feel challenged, to grow and feel and sense of accomplishment.

In the future, in all our services, game machines, equipment, etc., we are determined to focus every day to provide our customers with peace of mind, comfort and excitement beyond their expectations.

Kohmei Corporation
President & Chief Executive Officer
Dan Seiho