1. 1Find the SLOT area on the floor guide. Choose between the two differently priced machines.

    (1 coin = 20 or 5yen)

  2. 2Choose a seat at a vaccant machine.

    If you have a question, please ask the staff.
    There is a Call Button above each machine.

  3. 3To get coins put your bills into the bill slot at the upper right of the machine.

    The side of the machine you put money into is different from a Pachinko machine. Please be careful.

  4. 4To play put 3 or more coins into the machine, press “MAX BET” and then pull the lever. The picture reels will begin to spin.

  5. 5Press the buttons under each reel to stop them.

  6. 6When three “7s” or three “BAR” line up you win a bouns round called a “MEOSHI”.

  7. 7During a winning round use the stop buttons on the left. Try to match 3 pictures to win coins.When the coin collection plate is full, you need to move the coins into a winnings box which are above the machines.

    When the winnings boxes are full call the staff for more boxes.
    The play for each machine model is slightly different. Check the play details in the manual beside the machine.

  8. 8When play is finished, press the “RETURN” button to get your IC card and remaining balance.

  9. 9Call the Staff when you have finished playing. They will count your coins and give you a reciept.

  10. 10Take the reciept to the prize counter to exchange it for your prize.

  11. 11If there is a balance left on your IC card, put your card into the checkout machine and cash out before you leave the shop.